Heal your heart in hills: A day in Bohol


Photo courtesy of http://www.keysandtell.com

       A single day is already enough to feed your eyes with the exquisite view of Bohol. Located in the beautiful Philippines, it won’t take you long to wait to catch their must-see tourist spots. I have provided a day trip itinerary that could help you take a glimpse of the prominent views in Bohol. Before anything else, special thanks to www.nomadlistadventures.com  and Sea to Summit Travelers for our smooth tours. You can contact them through their Facebook page. So just click the link above. 😃

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10 things to do when you’re hitting Cebu

     Cebu is primarily composed of provinces and cities (Mandaue City, Lapu-Lapu City and Cebu City). They have various eye-catching and soul-enticing spots you can surely visit. Before anything else, I would like to thank  Sea to Summit Travelers and Nomadlist Adventures for assisting our smooth travel. You guys rock! ❤

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Exploring Kalanggaman Island, Badian’s Canyoneering and Moalboal’s Shoal

     As one of the ravishing countries with terrific nature and beautiful islands that are yet to be explored, Philippines captured the hearts of the tourists from various places. As cited by the Philippine government’s official tourism website, as of January 2017, Koreans take the top spot for the total arrivals in the country, amounting to 154,367. USA turned out to be the second with 99,435 visitors and arrivals from China surged swiftly to 85,948Special thanks to Sea to Summit Travelers.

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‘If you want to change for the better you, go outside your comfort zone’

GET READY TASTE BUDS! Every time you hear the word ‘Japan’, the gastronomes down to foodie-buddies will absolutely first think of ‘Ramen’, ‘Sushi’, ‘-yakis’, ‘nikus’, ‘Matcha’ and ‘Sake’.  Here’s what I can share: Continue reading