Meeting Your Favorite Korean Star? Here’s a Guide for Your Ultimate Fan Meeting Experience

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Planning to go to a fan meeting? Here are some tips to maximize your #fangirling experience. ❤



          I have been into different spots during concerts and fan meetings. Different prices matter because of the two main reasons: perks and proximity. While the cheapest spot is already a good bargain, VIP experience is TRULY MEMORABLE. It can costs an arm and a leg, but remember that the higher the price, the closer you get to your favorite star. The steeper the ticket, the higher the chance to have a group picture with them, encounter them through HI-TOUCH and receive exclusive gifts.  Remember to buy what you can only afford. However, if you have money to spare, keep in mind that a moment like this don’t come often. It happens once in a blue moon. Some even fly from different city and country just to see them. If he’s your favorite, buy at a drop of a hat. Don’t waste the chance you have. 😀 ❤




       Wherever you go, early bird catches the worm. When you arrive ahead of time, you can still go around, be familiar with the venue, meet interesting people and check what you need. It might sound ironic, but the dark side is that queue seems longer when you’re 1-2 hours early. 😀  However, if you come few minutes before the show, most of the fans are already inside so no need to line up. Your choice must also consider the type of venue and time of the event. If it’s an open expanse, muse on weather uncertainties; otherwise, an air-conditioned enclosed-space is far more comfortable. ❤





       Most concerts and fan meetings don’t allow professional cameras so your mobile camera will do a massive work right here. Some events don’t even consider pictures and videos during the show. Regardless, I still do whenever I have the chance. You see them thru your own eyes, keep them in your heart and mind, but having a solid proof of everything will be a good memorabilia few years from now. I’m pretty sure the officer would not even remember your face, so who cares? You paid for this. Many would want to see them, but you are one of the chosen few who have the chance. So might as well, maximize your chance. 😀 ❤

     If you come with friends, taking your photos anytime is a piece of cake. The challenge lies when you go solo, ‘coz you need to step out and be more aggressive.:D Don’t worry, you are with loving people around you. All of you share the same sentiments because you all came for the same purpose: you want to see your favorite star. Approach any fan, I’m sure, most of them are willing to take your pictures.




             Organizers generally give posters for you to keep. For fan meetings, there are avid fans who give so much effort to make standees, visuals, VTR, light sticks, light rings, pouches and etc.  Depending how generous the fandom is, you’ll definitely have some freebies . Use them to show your support and to enjoy the show more! 😀




          Sounds gloomy but as soon as the event is done, leave. Follow the first few people who rush outside because they know which exit would the K-star use.

         Usually, the star leaves 40 minutes to 1 hour after the show. So if you didn’t buy VIP ticket, this is a super legit chance to see them closer. Some stars just pass through with faces fully-covered with masks, wave their hands for a while, go inside the car and leave right away.


                That’s my first experience (Nam Joo Hyuk’s fan meeting) so I was quite hesitant to wait for Lee Joon Gi.  Everyone was patiently waiting outside for him, with gifts on their hands, neglecting hunger and  withstand amidst their strained legs. I was nosy enough to reflect why his fans would bear the brunt of waiting outside. I’m torn between staying or fleeing because I’m so jaded.

                  To my great surprise, it was far different!  THE WAIT WAS WORTH IT. He waved at me and even had an eye contact with him. OH MY! <3. It was a magical moment that I wasn’t able to record because I’m out of battery. Ugh. But I will never forget how lovely those hazelnut brown eyes are. ❤

          His avid fans knew that he would entertain everyone. I was very surprised. This big star didn’t wear a mask, greeted everyone, shook some hands, got their gifts and even left the car’s window open—waving endlessly.  HE’S WARMHEARTED AND FRIENDLY. I AM BEYOND AMAZED. His fan meeting is equipped with sing and dance along prod.  It was a showcase of real talent and love for the fans. IT WAS GOLD ❤ Some fans even follow him until he reaches the hotel and send him off to airport. WOAH. ❤

         We all enjoy this life through our personal terms. Definitely a lot of fans would like to see their favorite celebrities. The bigger the star, the harder to see them. So, it would be a blessing when money, time, health and chance work together. If there’s one thing I realized, it’s that many would want to, but only few could have it.

     If you think about it in another light, many want it, but only few are willing to do the work to go after them. Other nationalities such as Chinese, Malaysian, and Vietnamese were around me and we clearly speak different languages but we wereunited for a while. How lovely is that? ❤

         So if you are a fan, don’t hesitate to grab the chance. You’ll only cross this earth once. SO LIVE IT. 😀 ❤


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