Good news for all comic series fans! 😀

       Conan is invading the city for two months! 😮 😮 This shrewd kid is taking his awesome team with him in Bangkok from August 2- September 30, 2018. 💡 🙂 #friendshipgoals

    The popular Japanese cafe, “Bake A Wish”, in partnership with PARCO Singapore,  just launched the  “Detective Conan Cafe” to celebrate the 22nd Detective Conan film “Zero the Enforcer” this 2018.




     Detective Conan Cafe is exclusively located at Bake A Wish, Ground Floor of Siam Centre Branch, Bangkok, Thailand.    Just this year, Japan opened 11 pop-up stores to celebrate Detective Conan’s newest film for 2018. This is the first ever full-scale Detective Conan cafe outside in Japan so Thai fans are so damn lucky!  😉 ❤



          The menu is meticulously and creatively done. Surely, you’ll get what you paid for. Moreover, all customers will receive anime-themed souvenirs for free.  How good is that? 🙂 ❤

       The queue is quite overwhelming. It took us approximately an hour to have our seats. That’s how much a real fan could endure, right? HAHA. Need not to worry ‘cos they will be taking your orders and will be giving you tasty puffs for free while waiting in line. That’s such a thoughtful idea, so don’t give up on Conan, please? ❤ 😐 😥

a.  Detective Conan Special Cake- 165 thb

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b. Detective Conan Latte -130 thb

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c. Bourbon’s Spicy Seafood Pasta- 200 thb


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         There’s much more in their menu. To check, just click the link here—->




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        The obligatory backdrop photo with the most cunning and (tallest?) kid ever. ❤ 😛 😆 Never thought Conan Edogawa will grow up this much! HAHA. You’ll have a chance to take a photo with Conan’s mascot and with all the pop-up character stands within the cafe. Have fun. 🙂

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The most handsome and decisive young detective on earth. Thank you for the great childhood. ❤ ❤



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       There are also limited edition mementos available for purchase in the cafe. These are all straight from Japan so expect for steep prices. I was eyeing for the stuffed toy key chain and then the staff told me it’s worth 600 THB! So…K. Bye. 😆

‘Cos falling in line with friends is much better Photo courtesy of

      This anime series has always been my most favorite.  From the confusing clues, clever deductions, humorous characters and inventive episodes, everything is just so perfect for me. Lastly,  it gives the nostalgic feeling of being a carefree kiddo before hitting the adulthood life . 😀 ❤ Hoping you’ll visit the place. See you there. 🙂




Thanks for reading and sharing! 😛 ❤


Love lots,


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