5 Luscious Milk Tea Hubs in Thailand I Can’t Get Over

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Hey Milk Tea lovers! As you plan your trip for Songkran Festival 2018 (Thai New Year), here’s my ultimate guide for you #madewithlove. ❤

     Tea is truly delectable—the reason why we have heard about it countless times. The matchless Matcha Tea of Japan, the tropical Boba Milk Tea of Taiwan, and irrepressible Chai Yen Milk Tea of Thailand—indeed, a happy hunting ground. Though they are readily available anywhere across the globe, spotting a shop with an excellent blend isn’t that easy. 🙂

      Thailand has unending striking sun beam that will definitely make you feel tired while strolling. Good thing they have lots of stalls with thirst-quenching drinks which sell like hotcakes.   I’ve been in Thailand for nearly a year and I have tried approximately a dozen of milk tea hubs and I would gladly share to you the top 5 milk tea brands I can’t get over of. When you hit Thailand, Oh man! Don’t leave the country without drinking one! ❤


1. KOI

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        I must admit, this is the best milk tea I have ever tried in my life. Yup! An honest truth, not a hyperbole.  If you’re so much into milk tea, you’ll definitely know which one is remarkable.  For 90 baht, you’ll enjoy their special Golden Bubble Milk Tea. Even I go with 0 to less sugar, still,  it’s a touch of heaven on earth <3. KOI made it big, no doubt they have lots of branches around nearby Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia.


Siam Paragon Mall , Bangkok, Thailand (Near BTS Siam Station)

Central Embassy Mall, Bangkok, Thailand (Near Ploenchit Station)

Century Mall, Bangkok, Thailand (Near BTS Onnut Station)



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      For 35 baht, you’re good to go. This has to be my second to choice— a tasty Bubble Milk Tea  for an affordable price! I’m an avid fan of milk tea for many years and I have tried various shops  from different places.  To drink an incredibly luscious one, most of them have to be expensive. They have few branches in Bangkok but you’re surely lucky if you find one! Chamichi is astoundingly delicious for a cheap price. I’m hooked. Like what? It’s a chain from Taiwan with branches in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. 😀


Soi Ramindra 46/1, Ramindra Road, Kannayao, Bangkok, Thailand

Robinson Mall, Samut Prakan, Thailand (BTS Phraek Sa Station)



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        Matcha Cheese Cream is NO ORDINARY green tea you couldn’t resist—a recherche, I must say.  It’s a mixture of Matcha Green Tea with lots of cream cheese on top. Calories are worth it this time. LOL. 95 baht is a bit steep, but I guarantee, it’s a good bargain <3. KAMU is one of the handful milk tea shops with cream cheese series. They’ve got a lot of nice milk and juice picks too. ❤


Within BTS Asok Station, Bangkok, Thailand

Terminal 21 Mall, Bangkok, Thailand (Near BTS Asok Station)

Seacon Square, Bangkok, Thailand (Near BTS Onnut Station)




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      Aside from their tasty milk tea series, you’ll surely love the fruit tea choices.  For 45 Baht, you’ll enjoy their best-selling Golden Bubble Milk Tea. They are exclusively located in Thailand so if you don’t want to pay through the nose just to beat the heat, mark 8 Hachi Tea on your list. 😉


Within BTS Asok Station, Bangkok, Thailand

Within BTS National Stadium Station, Bangkok Thailand



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                      Chai Yen is a homegrown tea you should try on your Thailand trip. You can have it without milk (its natural mix) though I prefer to add one (LOL). I usually drink it without sugar as their Chai Yen powder and pearls are usually sweet:). For 30 baht, you’ll be delighted by ChobCha. By the way, their Rose Milk Tea is a must-try too. 😀


ChobCha-Mol, Bangkok, Thailand

Robinson Mall, Samut Prakan, Thailand




Hope you’ve enjoyed the blog post! I’ll appreciate your likes, shares and follows! ❤ See you in Thailand this Songkran Festival. ❤ 🙂 Khop Khun Kha!

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