Heal your heart in hills: A day in Bohol

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       A single day is already enough to feed your eyes with the exquisite view of Bohol. Located in the beautiful Philippines, it won’t take you long to wait to catch their must-see tourist spots. I have provided a day trip itinerary that could help you take a glimpse of the prominent views in Bohol. Before anything else, special thanks to  and Sea to Summit Travelers for our smooth tours. You can contact them through their Facebook page. So just click the link above. 😃

1. How to get there?

From Cebu port, ride a jet to Tagbilaran, Bohol.

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NOTE:  There are lots of jets departing per day. I suggest that you take Oceanjet’s earliest trip (6:00 am) and purchase the tickets the day before your trip. No worries for their ticketing booth is just very close to Cebu port. At peak days such as weekends and holidays, special trips are added.

        Since we traveled on Saturday, we had a special trip (5:45 am). I’m quite impressed for they really depart on time! Oceanjet’s open air/tourists class costs 800 Php while the business class costs 1,000 Php.  Travel time is 1 hour and 45 min to 2 hours. The jet does have toilet, television, comfortable seats and air-con (if business class). Not to forget their cute cabin crew too. LOL. ❤👮👷 If you’re lucky to catch their limited offer promos, you can buy some tickets for discounted rates. For more info, just check their schedules, fares and promos here—->

    Let me share our experience before we secured our spot. Cebu port’s management really needs to improve their systems especially during holidays. It’s even hard to breath and you might find yourself collapsed in there because of the struggle you’ve been through just to pay the travel tax (25 Php per person) and upon checking in. Tourists, regardless of races, are loosing their social graces.  This time, you need those biceps and triceps. There were scattered queues and some even push each other. Now, that’s what you call ‘STRUGGLE IS REAL’. 😂

2. Visit the Butterfly sanctuary and Python wildpark

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     When we reached the Bohol port, we were fetched by our private tour. We have our own car service, own driver and own tour guide. Indeed, it was comfortable tour for a cheap price. The first stop will allow you to be a butterfly for a while and escape the complex life of human. 😀 For an entrance fee worth 40 Php, you can also try to have a selfie with Recca (the famous Burmese Python) and their friendly monkeys. There’s a souvenir outlet inside, so you might want to shop some stuff as well (don’t forget their delicious peanut kisses and Calamay). ❤

3.  Walk along the Mahogany forest

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       When  we were heading to Chocolate Hills, we were able to run over the mesmerizing Mahogany forest, a man-made paradise that aimed to protect Bohol from erosion and flood. The seeds were even imported from other countries.  :0. You can drop by and pose for a picture but with vigilance, of course, since buses and cars pass anytime. No wonder Bohol is one of the most favorite getaways of countless tourists— the people per se are loving whether to nature and to people. In fact, their annual festival lasts from the first day to the last day of May. Here’s the catch, you are welcome to eat in any open door you see. Woah! :0

4. Heal in hills with no heels

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     ‘Anong magagawa ng 50 pesos mo?’

    Well, it can heal your broken heart and soul through the sight of the prominent Chocolate Hills. That’s quite a cheap cost for a magnificent view. Along the way, you can see some that you might mistakenly identify as the Chocolate Hills. Don’t give in too early because they are ‘pseudos’. If the hill has trees (especially beneath), it’s not anymore counted as a Chocolate Hill. What an interesting fact, isn’t it? 😀 Moreover, the hills turn brownish when it’s summer season, so take the scorching heat if you want to see them in full bloom. 🙂

      There are upper and lower decks. I already appreciate the view from the lower deck but if you wanted to see more of it, be ready to take the tilting 214 steps to the upper deck. So forget about wearing heels if you wouldn’t want to lose your poise. LOL.  Souvenir shops (especially for shirts), juices and appetizers are for sale just behind you—in case you can’t BEAT THE HEAT! HAHA.

5. Day hunting of the nocturnal Tarsiers

Photo courtesy of (Now, that’s super zoom in. I didn’t expect them to be so small, like you hardly see them. You need to put an extra effort if you want to find one.

           According tho Bohol-Philippines’ website, ‘Bohol Tarsiers (Tarsius Syrichta) measures 4 to 5 inches and is considered as the world’s smallest primate. Its size is no longer than an adult man’s hand and weigh only about 113 to 142 grams or four to five ounces. The primate belongs to the more primitive sub-order Prosimii or prosimian that dates back 45 million years.’

               DON’T USE FLASH when you take photos. This is a frequent and important reminder that tourists should never forget when you’re trying to find tarsiers. Tarsiers are nocturnal, so they sleep during the day. If you use flash, you’ll surely wake ’em up and stress them out. While we were looking, a guest was so overwhelmed and took a photo right away. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to set her cam so there was a sudden flash. She did it twice even I and a concerned guest already reminded her. I just can’t understand her point. :/  Anyway, I suggest you buy some souvenirs while you’re here. They have a lot of crafts to offer! 😀

6.  Revel in Loboc river

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       How about a luscious buffet after a trip? In our package tour, we got a chance to take our lunch while cruising the Loboc river and flip over the music as a solo singer sings for us.

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      Boarding with other tourists (surprisingly, with varying races like Koreans, Chinese and Westeners), the river watch lasts from 45 min to an hour. You’ll even come across with other floating restos. You’ll have one stop in ‘Ati’ tribe place for 5-15 minutes. You can enjoy the tribe’s dance show and even try bow and arrow.

7. Be fond of running tour

        On the left side is my photo and it’s Tripadvisor’s on the right side. Mine is blur as expected because we were on a running tour (so the car just happened to pass by the Shiphaus). It’s built by a Filipino ship captain as part of his ultimate dreams in life. It’s amazing to realize that a personal dream could provide happiness for others. Aww.

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     If you have limited time, just savor the fancy spots such as Baclayon Church while on your way. On our part, we decided to stop and take a look for a while. Since the devastating earthquake in Bohol last 2013, the church is still doing some renovations until now. Upon roaming around, we have seen the different statues of saints, preserved cloaks of priests and choir’s lyrical book back then. Picture taking is not allowed inside so I can’t show you any. 😀 While you’re inside, you’ll somewhat feel the ‘Spanish’ era in the Philippines. I had goosebumps. To conclude our tour, we have reached the Bohol pier at 2:30 pm, took the 3:00 pm trip and reached Cebu by 5 pm. 🙂

       Other destinations such as Sandugo, Apropriana’s souvenir shop and Sipatan hanging bridge are just within your reach. It depends on how you customize your own travel and push your own preference. Sample side trips & optional fun activities available:

                   1. ATV and buggy ride @ Chocolate hills
2. Zip line & Sky ride @ Loboc Eco – Adventure park
3. Bike zip @ Chocolate hills Adventure Park

          We were comfortably catered by and Sea to Summit Travelers . Love love love.

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