10 things to do when you’re hitting Cebu

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     Cebu is primarily composed of provinces and cities (Mandaue City, Lapu-Lapu City and Cebu City). They have various eye-catching and soul-enticing spots you can surely visit. Before anything else, I would like to thank  Sea to Summit Travelers and Nomadlist Adventures for assisting our smooth travel. You guys rock! ❤

1.)  Find peace through their crafty temples


      There are two conspicuous temples I have been endlessly hearing about during my stay. Let me take you to first one: Temple of Leah ( with entrance fee of 50 pesos) and is definitely free for senior citizens. This edifice is inspired by Roman Architecture. The temple is built by Teodoro Adarna, to commemorate his unending love for his late wife, Leah Adarna.  Their daughter, Ellen Adarna, is currently a famous sexy actress in the Philippines.

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     No. You’re not in Taiwan. We’re still here in Cebu City. HAHA.  Let me take you to Taoist temple, built by Chinese community in 1972. Worshipers and non-worshipers can both enter the temple free of charge. I have tried the Taoist ritual inside the chapel using those kidney-shaped stones 2 years ago. I got ‘yes’ as an answer. Few months later, it indeed happened, though not in the best form or in perfect way, somewhat, the query I asked happened to me. 🙂

2 . Watch these rose LED lights glow at night

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      A big NO. You’re definitely not in South Korea! Lapu-Lapu city just opened one of their pride this 2017. As a Korean-inspired tourist spot that will melt your heart, 10,000 cafe is truly exceptional. For more information about this, visit my separate blog post and click here—–> 5 things you need to know about Cebu’s 10,000 roses cafe.

3.Hit various tourists spots in one place


       If you drop by Magellan’s cross around Osmeña boulevard, you will be able to catch a sight of the other preeminent must-visits—everything for free. Just few steps away is Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu, an exquisite Catholic church, its museum and its open court chapel.😇

Cebu Monument, Photo courtesy of http://www.keysandtell,com

            Cebu Monument, Yap-Sandiego heritage house, Cebu Metropolitan Church and Fort San Pedro are also just a walking distance from Santo Niño Church.

4. Visit their heritage shrines

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      One of the most prominent and symbolical shrines they have is Mactan Shrine (Lapu-Lapu City). We are just so lucky to come on  ‘Kadaugan sa Mactan day’ , which is annually celebrated on April 29, 2017.  An act is executed and usually local celebrities play the roles. It was indeed a very pleasing coincidence.

5. Lechon Hunting

Rico’s Lechon, Photo courtesy:

     Cebu is said to be home of finest Lechon. I have tried CNT, Zubuchon and Rico’s Lechon. 🐷🐖Though all of them are renowned to be visited by local celebrities and foreigners, I found Zubuchon my personal favorite. No need to go extra mile to find these hubs, they are everywhere in Cebu!

6. Enjoy confounding view from their famous scenic restaurants

Lantaw Restaurant, Photo courtesy of

        Located in Cordova, Lapu-Lapu City, this floating restaurant has a scenic view especially when sun meets the horizon. The beauty of sunset always pleases me. With various delicious Filipino food to offer, remember to reserve a head of time or else, you’ll end up falling in queues.  Lantaw does have hilltop restaurant too (enjoy the view of Cebu City).  Thanks Sea to Summit Travelers and Nomadlist Adventures for making this trip comfortable. 🙂

7. Try some indoor adventures

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       Some of us  like extreme outdoor activities and some are delighted by indoor ventures. Cebu definitely offers various kind of liveliness. In a tropical country like Philippines, it might be outrageous to see Ice skating rinks. Experience unlimited skating at SM Seaside in Cebu City for 420 pesos. You should pay 100 pesos for polar bear (which I find it efficacious enough for beginners), 150 for assistant coach, 100 pesos for companion pass, 50 pesos for locker rentals (single use/one time opening) and 3,600 pesos for basic figure skating. You need to wear thick high cut socks before skating. If you didn’t manage to bring one, there are available stocks at the counter. Honestly, I enjoyed this ‘struggling’ experience. It was my first time and I don’t mind doing it again. ❤

8. Embrace the felicity of outdoors

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      Talking about extremes, Badian’s canyoonering in Cebu will take your breath away. Thanks to the travel host, Drew Arellano for promoting this place and stirring the soul searchers. I made a separate blog post about this , just click it here—–> Exploring Kalanggaman Island, Badian’s Canyoneering and Moalboal’s Shoal.

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         Don’t forget to be friendly with sea creatures too. Whale-sharks are quite famous in Oslob (a province in Cebu) that’s why people flock and bear the 3 hours travel time.  I don’t know how to swim, for reeaaaal. So a bunch of thanks for the fishermen for helping out. I will never forget this heart pounding experience. 😀 Veritably, it feels liberating to do something extraordinary. ❤

9. Conquer your acrophobia

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          I believe I was born acrophobic, just like my dad. I didn’t expect the freedom I felt after trying Crown Regency’s Edge coaster, skywalk and zipline. My knees were shaking, my eyes were shedding tears, my heart was beating too fast and I was pleading for my life (I was thinking I have so much things to do yet. HAHA).  As I recall this experience that I had, I can still feel the chills it gave me until now. But hey! Though it’s an expensive one (about 600+ per venture),  that was a remarkable memory that I will definitely treasure for my entire lifetime. Indeed, experience make our life alive. 😀 Absolutely, a big yes for this!

10. Indulge in their world-class resorts

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        I have been wondering why Cebu has been enticing tourists for a very long time. Visiting it twice gave me a convincing answer: every personality can create their own blissful story in this place. They have a lot of privately owned resorts with various target markets. Prices may vary from 5,000 per night to 20,000 pesos or even more. :0

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     Mactan Shangri-la is an astonishing place to spend your most awaited holiday getaway. Their buffet experience is truly awesome for me (amounting 2,000+ on a regular basis). Thanks to a good friend, we have received a buffet voucher for only 1,750 pesos.  Look, their chefs are even world class. Applause!

        I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post. I’ll appreciate your likes, comments, shares or follows!  Thank you very much for reading! Xoxo <3.

Special thanks to Sea to Summit Travelers and Nomadlist Adventures for assisting our travels!

Thank you Escario central hotel for our comfortable and affordable accommodation. Just click their name to see full link and page. 😀

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