‘Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart: Ryeo’ Review

Drama: Moon Lovers: “Scarlet Heart Ryeo’

Episodes: 20 episodes

Network: SBS

Release Date: August 29- November 16, 2016

Casts: Lee Joon Gi, IU, Kang Ha-Neul, Nam Joo-Hyuk, Baekhyun, Ji-Soo, Yoon Su-Woo, Kang Han-na, etc.


Photo courtesy of http://www.kpop.asia.com

      The series didn’t reach excellent ratings in South Korea when it was aired from August 29-November 16, 2016 compared to its counterparts . But when it opened its doors for international screenings, it caught the interests of a lot of viewers drastically. The lead cast, Lee Joon Gi thanked just thanked over the 1 billion fans they gained from China. Wew. :0


   To give you a glimpse of the drama, Moon lovers: ‘Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ is a historical-fictional drama. It started with a girl (Hae Soo), played by IU,  who lives in the 21st century. One day, while seating on a park, she contemplates about her struggles and wishes to escape somewhere. A lost, some kind of homeless guy (Kim Sung Kyun) sits beside her, telling her ‘You cannot change your life just because you want it.’ Coincidentally, a boy is about to drown and Hae-soo saved the boy. When she came into her senses, she was already in Damiwon bath of the palace, where luckily, the princes’ bathe. YUP. Hae soo just time traveled to Goryeo Era,

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    Hae Soo’s life changed as soon as she realized that she’s living in the Goryeo Era and met the princes of Goryeo Kingdom. She first, had a romantic attachment with the 8th prince, Wang Wook (Kang Ha-Neul) who happens to display the qualities of an ideal prince.  But, things become more complex when the 4th prince, Wang So’s (Lee Joon-Gi) cold heart was warmed by Hae Soo’s grace and perkiness. He was the only exiled Prince, referred to as ‘ferocious beast and monstrous’ because of his ‘scar’. Wang So is hated by the society because of the unpleasant rumors about him. Now that everyone is eyeing for  King Taejo’s abdication of throne, it seems like  fate, stars and the entire universe point to one name—Wang So.  There were a lot of personas trying to stop his fate to be the King, which makes the story feel like a daredevil roller-coaster ride of emotions, taking up a lot of precious lives.


Moon.Lovers .Scarlet.Heart.Ryeo.full.72714

Photo courtesy of www. kpop.asiachan.com

      There is an unquestionably admirable cinematography. From fighting scenes to costumes and props, Korean dramas always give us the best shot. The script and dialogues are perfect.  Not to forget the OSTs (My personal favorite is Epik high ft Lee Hi’s ‘Can you hear my heart’.) I played it 50 times the day after I finished the drama. LOL. 😀 No doubt Korean dramas are famous even beyond the Southeast asian borders.  The storyline is very tricky which will push you to unleash those deductive skills. Who is the real enemy? How would everything be resolved?But if I am going to ask one question to the production, WHY DID THE DRAMA BECOME SO TRAGIC? Maybe, the reason why Romeo and Juliet’s love story is phenomenal.

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The endearing scenes between Wang So-Hae Soo and Wang Wook-Hae Soo are all heart-melting. I got a second lead syndrome, stage 4 cancer ’till episode 11. 😦 Acting of the casts are convincing, literally, ALL OF THEM deserve applause. I poured a lot of tears here, c’mmon. :/

Of course, I should mention Lee Joon Gi and Park Ji Young. LJG as Wang So is such a revelation for me.  He even lose 15 kgs for the drama. WOAH! 😮 In a nearly decade of watching Korean dramas, Lee Joon Gi is definitely one of the actors that can send those emotions EXTREMELY WELL.  I can just feel him in every word he utters. His face displays infinite expressions. He is one of my favorite actors now.


      Photo courtesy of http://www.google.com

    With a total budget of $13 million dollars, how come it got a lesser attention in Korea than what is expected? First reason might be, the other counterparts of the drama (Love in the Moonlight). Some other reasons? Too much change and overdoing the plot. Everything came with speedy transitions. An event run after another event. The story is too condensed which can be tiring for the audience.

      Second reason, there are too many characters than the usual K drama. People are facing their own problems in life. They watch to be entertained. Why give them too much lives and events to consider in a drama?

       Another reason maybe is there was so much injustice. Wook and Hae Soo’s scenes together were given a big impact ’til it overshadowed Wang So and Hae Soo’s scenes. That’s why, it was hard to bring the So-Soo couple into life. Even near the ending, it seems that the two leads’ romance were given a little attention. Hello? After all the struggles with Hae Soo, it seemed like Wook admitted that he falsely referred his emotions as love in the end?  While Wang So, after all his miseries, after all his efforts to win Hae Soo and after all those rejections, lost his love without a closure?  Too much drought.  The injustice for Wang So’s thirst of being accepted by his mom, by the people and even to his lost love can be really frustrating to the audience. The tragedy of losing loved ones to achieve the powerful throne sounds unfair, but since it’s in history, it may take part the story. Thanks, he became the king. Or else—. :/

Lessons and Insights

I was able to reflect on these three things in life:

  •       I pondered about how life is fleeting. Everything shall pass; the good and the bad ones; the smiles and wounds fade away—That makes life so tough, yet meaningful. But does it mean we should not be attached with anything we have now? IDK. For me, it’s better to give all, than to stay safe for the rest of your life. You’ll never know how far you can love, until you give your all. But hey, it can hurt like hell and it can drag you to misery. But you’ll be fine with time. So live the moment and live at your best. No time to waste. 🙂
  •       Live your life the way you want it to be. Don’t be limited by the thoughts of other people. Just like how Steve Jobs say, ‘Don’t be trapped with others dogma, that is, living the way other people think.’ No matter what we do, we can always find someone who supports and go against us. So why not decide for your own happiness? ❤
  •      Greater pursuits in life require greater sacrifices. For Wang So to have the throne and keep it peacefully, he has to sacrifice a lot of things—even the things he equally wanted. Do you believe that we need to let go of other things that we love for something we really want? I might sound greedy, but if I can keep the things I love altogether and still do my purpose, I will NOT just nod and give up something. I will fight and hold onto them until I can.

I hope you enjoyed the blog. For more updates, just hit the ‘follow’ button. This is my first article for Korean dramas and I enjoy doing it. I hope to make more for my fave K-dramas. 🙂

Thank you for reading! I’ll appreciate your comments and feedback. 🙂

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