Exploring Kalanggaman Island, Badian’s Canyoneering and Moalboal’s Shoal

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     As one of the ravishing countries with terrific nature and beautiful islands that are yet to be explored, Philippines captured the hearts of the tourists from various places. As cited by the Philippine government’s official tourism website, as of January 2017, Koreans take the top spot for the total arrivals in the country, amounting to 154,367. USA turned out to be the second with 99,435 visitors and arrivals from China surged swiftly to 85,948Special thanks to Sea to Summit Travelers.

      From the structures presenting cultural heritage (e.g. Fort Santiago, Luneta, etc.) down to the pristine beaches (thanks to Palawan, Siargao and Boracay), foreigners are always exhilarated to explore ‘The  Pearl of the Orient Seas’. But wait, there’s more!  There are emerging travel destinations soaring the online portals. Have you ever heard about the waves that are gently drenching the stunning white sands of Kalanggaman? How about the shoaling sardines of Moalboal? Or the heart-stirring canyoneering adventure in Badian?

       Let me take you there through this short guide:

1. Enjoy the spectacular turquoise beach of Kalanggaman Island

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     From swimming, Snorkeling, Kayaking, SCUBA diving, Aqua-biking and overnight camping, this 1 hour drive island from Polompon, Leyte is one of the best summer getaways worth of your vacation leave.

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     The island has a total length of 753m, still uninhabited, with no business resorts owners. The signature turquoise waters and the sand bar can feed your eyes with an unforgettable sight. The local government agreed to limit the number of tourists visiting the place to 500 per day to ensure the conservation of its natural alluring view. So better fix your schedule ahead of time. To help you secure your bookings, visit their page at Sea to Summit Travelers. There are basic facilities provided for the visitors for overnight stays. No need to think of security issues, because local police officers are on duty 24 hours in Kalanggaman! So ditch those peppermint sprays. 😉

2. Jump your worries through Badian’s rip-roaring Canyoneering

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    For all fellas out there who wish to take their vacation to the next level, how about some extraordinary leap of faith in Kawasan Falls?  It caught the eyes of more tourists after it was tagged as ‘one of the most exciting adventures in the Philippines’ by a local TV travel program ‘Biyahe ni Drew’ last 2014. Drew Arellano, even said that his Cebu trip was one of the best trips he ever had in his nearly-decade career as a travel host.

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    For a fixed rate of Php 1,500 as mandated by Cebu’s government, inclusions are entrance fees, habal-habal ride (from the start point of canyoneering site), helmet, life vest, 500ml water, a chocolate sandwich pack and lunch after the activity. A cheap cost for a 5-6 hours memorable journey.

      There are a lot of slippery areas so be sure your foot wears got strong grips. There are high and low jumps so it is much recommended to prepare yourself as well. This outdoor activity best fits for those who love extremes. If you are, then you will find this really fun!

3. Dive with the exquisite scenery of Moalboal Sardines run

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    Moalboal might be a small town, but can offer you huge surprises. You can reach this serene paradise after a 2-hour drive from Cebu. As like how the locales advise, it is best to visit the place from November to April since waves are not strong and water levels are better. Either by Snorkeling or SCUBA diving, it would be a unique memory in your lifetime to witness a shoaling million of sardines. By the way, you need to prepare your GoPros and cameras ahead because these adorable creatures move really quick! 😀

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      Through boating, you will reach a particular part called ‘Panagsama reef’ where approximately millions of sardines flock and swim together. Any tourist would say you really need to jump your ass off the boat and feel the touch of the sea.  😀 If you want to make your trip special, don’t just sit there and don’t just take your #feedgoals pictures. Move and see them underwater. You might feel intimidated by the massive count of the fish but no worries, most of them are small and cute. 😉 With matching sunlight, you’ll see the astonishing reflection of their shining scales:D

     There’s more to life than  bills, material things and work. We have lots of deliberately made scenery waiting to be explored. Start your adventure now. 😀

     For hotel, tours, packages and other bookings, visit their page at Sea to summit travelers, just hit the ‘follow’ button. I’ll be glad to hear your comments. Special thanks to for the featured image. ❤


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