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GET READY TASTE BUDS! Every time you hear the word ‘Japan’, the gastronomes down to foodie-buddies will absolutely first think of ‘Ramen’, ‘Sushi’, ‘-yakis’, ‘nikus’, ‘Matcha’ and ‘Sake’.  Here’s what I can share:

  • Ramen (Ichiran, Shibuya district)
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       This ramen house with plenty of branches in Japan was once featured in Forbes’

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magazine by  blogger Geoffrey Morrison. He  described it as the best ramen in the world for 2016. Here in Ichiran (Shibuya), just for a reasonable price (890 JPY), you will have an authentic Japanese cuisine experience. You can add up more dishes through their vendos.  No worries for tourists for they have prepared English menu. What makes this place extra special is that you can choose the flavor strength, richness, noodle’s texture and so on. What’s worth to mention is the unique way of serving, you can only see half of the waiters’ torsos!  You can’t even see their faces :(.  And I find it really tragic. LMAO 😀

  • Matcha (Santa Monica Crepes, Takeshita Dori Street, Harajuku)


Hey Sweet-tooth fellas! Get rid of Hyperglycemia phobia and taste a great deal of desserts!

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Oishii ne! ❤

     Takeshita dori is perfect for you. It’s not just for Otaku enthusiasts and shopaholics. It’s a real heaven for sugar-fan and aficionados. They have sample displays so it’s much easier to spot on your preference. They have matcha-flavored crepes—Japan’s famous tea.  For only 640 JPY, you’ll love the sumptuous Matcha crepe.

  • Ramen (Hidakaya, Roppongi district)
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    For only 390 JPY, you can enjoy the Japanese Shoyu Ramen. It’s easy to locate as it’s near the Roppongi Tokyo Metro Station and Tokyo Midtown. Aside from the affordable and flavorful dishes, they provide the traditional Japanese restaurant ambience. No wonder they have a lot of branches all over Japan.  Notwithstanding the cheap price, they have samples displayed outside too. If you find it hard to communicate, just point out your order and you’re good to go 🙂

  • Rainbow Cotton Candy (Takeshita Dori, Harajuku)


       The newest trend in Japan and South Korea which were posted by local celebrities such as Nadine Lustre and Kathyrn Bernardo—That cute rainbow cotton candy   The famous Totti Candy Factory does have a lot of costumers, so I tried the other store nearby. Just walk along the Takeshita street and for sure you’ll find it easily since they have promo staff outside the store 😀 . For 645 JPY, you’ll have the small size cotton candy. The bigger size have more colors and of course, more expensive. Just be patient with the queue and there you go! Enjoy sweettooth babies! 😀

  • Undying convenience stores (7-eleven, Family Mart, Lawsons, Blue Sky)


      If you have tight belts on a trip, enjoy the budget meals. Just drop by any corner and you’ll find a lot of convenience stores. I can see a convenience store every 2-minute walk (mostly in all areas of central Tokyo) . So if you have frequent cravings, that’s not a problem in Tokyo. 😀

     Definitely a yummy and affordable meal with the delicious Japanese rice for only 490 JPY.

Chef’s Choice cake solo pack for 350 JPY.           Blue Sky’s Japanese Rice cakes for 1,000 JPY.

Hope this blog helped you for your trip to Japan! Glad to share these to you guys! I’ll appreciate your comments and feedback.Just hit the ‘follow’ button for more blog updates :D.

Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu! Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!

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