Must-Try Coffee Shops in Davao City (Part 2)

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     Hey there coffee buddies! Here’s the second list of brewing and cafe stations (see my first blog post Must-Try Coffee Shops in Davao City (PART 1) I enjoyed in Davao. When you’re in the biggest city of the Philippines, don’t miss these places to ‘chill’ in and ‘chat’ in.      Whether young blood or seasoned, everything depends on your personal preferences. As I find myself enfeebled because of lots of work loads and school stuffs, coffee shops literally invigorate my spirit. Another 5 shops are added on my list. Here we go! 😉

1. Chicco Di Caffe (Roxas Boulevard, Davao City)

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      This relaxing place will offer you more than hot coffees and frappes. Their luscious meal choices will satisfy your cravings and roaring appetite. I tried  their ‘cafe con pana’ (90 Php) and Clubhouse (130 php) . Though, their crew shared that their Halo-Halo is a must try! :).  Lastly, I love the intimate and ardent ambiance of this cafe.

2. Crazy Wraps (Tionko St, Davao City)

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      For those who are fond of exploring new dishes, this coffee shop will draw you nearer to new way of discovery and exquisite taste through  their unique ‘wraps’.

       Yes, you will definitely go insane if you will try their wraps. Aside from that, they have frappes, meals and hot drinks. If you’re not used to with ‘Indan’ or ‘Thai’ taste, you will find their wraps less appealing; if your taste buds enjoy new twists, you will really enjoy their wraps! I ordered both of their best-sellers, the Paratha seafood wrap with shrimp for 145 Php and ultimate mocha with coffee bits frappe for 140 Php.

         Their dishes are a little bit pricy, but you will find this cafe uniquely awesome (with their royalty pink sofa which I find so cute— I was not able to take the whole pic though 😦 ). Aside from WiFi connections, they have available books on the shelves— if you don’t wish to indulge yourself in surfing the net.

3. Fagioli (J.P. Laurel, near Pryce Tower, Davao City)

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     From coffees, meals and cakes, this coffee shop will meet your expectations. With a just pricing, it’s worth every penny.

    Their best-seller cake is their gargantuan red velvet (145 Php) while Caffe Fagiomalt (120 Php) for their coffee. I also enjoyed their French fries with cheese and bacon for 145 Php. Never miss their Blueberry cheesecake and Oreo chocolate cake too. 😉

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4. Executive Cafe and Wine Galore (Corner Duterte St, E. Quirino, Davao City)

DSC_0084 (2)
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      I must say, this 24-hour establishment is a cool place to catch up with your friends. They have coffees, cakes and even wines. However, they have limited meals to offer available pastas sorts from Lasagna and Baked Macaroni. The place is less spacious than other coffee parlors; but wait! Their Peanut Sans Rival cake is to die for. I must admit– this is the best Peanut Sans Rival I ever tasted in my life. ❤

It’s so delicious for its affordable price. Talking about coffee, Executive cafe’s signature is coffee mocha (111 Php). The baristas are so adorable for giving me a heart-shaped latte art. Awwe. I felt Kiiiiillliiiiiig

5. Cafe Demitasse (F. Torres, Davao City)

    Last but not the least, this sought after place is best known for their meals and desserts. Open from Mondays to Sundays (closes later when weekends, even until 2 am), they have luscious dishes that will surely leave your tummy happy.


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     They have vast choices of meals, sweets and drinks.  However, as said by their resident patisserie, when you’re in Demitasse, you should never forget to try their Banoffee pie. It has unexpected twist (they used fresh banana fruit inside instead of that muffin type of filling like the typical cake) whhich makes it aaaaaaaaawweeeesommmmeeee. I totally I agree with him (Did I just forget my name?).

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     Of course, I enjoyed their hot Cappuccino coffee as my perfect pair for the guilt-free dessert.  If you want to try heavy meals, try out their heavenly Kare-Kare. If you love Filipino dishes, pastas, sweets and smoothies, Cafe Demitasse will suit you best.  Personally, this place is one of my favorite cafes in Davao City.

    You can add these cozy places on your list for Kadayawan festival and Araw ng Davao. Hope you enjoyed the blog! For more blog updates, just hit the ‘follow’ button. Comments are highly appreciated. 😉

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